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Master of Science (MS)


Biological and Irrigation Engineering

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Gary P. Merkley


Gary P. Merkley


Gilberto Urroz


Christopher M.U. Neale


Estimation of seepage was done in 39 selected reaches of 11 irrigation canals in the Logan and Blacksmith Fork Irrigation Systems of Cache Valley, Utah. The measurements were performed from June to October, 2008, which includes part of the irrigation season for these canals. The inflow-outflow method was used to measure seepage, in which area and velocities were measured under steady flow conditions. Velocity measurements were done with an acoustic flow meter and the mean velocity was determined using the reduced-point method (velocity measurements at 0.2, 0.6 and or 0.8 of the depth from the water surface). As a result, reaches with the highest seepage losses were identified. Gaining streams, losing streams, and gaining-losing streams were also identified. Spatial variation was observed along each canal in which a descending trend of the mean seepage loss was found in the downstream direction. Additionally, spatial variation was found between canals, the reaches located in the east part of Logan city presented higher seepage losses than reaches on the west side of the city. Temporal variations were identified by a monthly comparison of seepage losses within reaches which indicated higher seepage losses during late July and August of 2008. Additionally, this report presents comments about the performance of the FlowTracker® ADV® in the present project.



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