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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Economics

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Agricultural Economics


Darwin B. Nielsen


This thesis is an analysis and description of pollution problems caused by large feedlots in Utah. A description of pollution caused by cattle feedlots is undertaken as part of the study.

The 26 feedlots analyzed had a capacity to/or did feed over 1,000 head. They were broken down into four groups on the basis of their pollution problems: those having no apparent pollution problem, those having minor problems, those having major problems, and those requiring relocation.

The cost impact of meeting environmental standards with regard to runoff control was found to be very slight for the cattle feeding industry as a whole - only 18 cents per head fed on the average. The feedlots with minor problems averaged costs of slightly over 2 cents per head fed. The feedlots with major problems averaged costs of almost 5 cents per head fed using the least cost method of natural evaporation ponds and mechanical disposal systems. The feedlots requiring relocation were most affected, as they averaged $1.15 per head fed loss in value of assets through relocating.