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Master of Science (MS)


Political Science

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Calvin Hiibner


Calvin Hiibner


Brian Pitcher


H. Preston Thomas


In the summer of 1986, anglers along three sections of the Logan and Blacksmith Fork Rivers, Utah were surveyed as to their attitudes toward fish stocking, habitat improvement, and wild trout management policies. Information concerning socio-demographic characteristics and ang ling values were ascertained as well. Data were cross tabulated to determine which of the variab les influence anglers' attitudes toward spec ifi c fisheries manage ment policies and the type of angling opportunity provided.

The analysis of data s how e d differences between the types of anglers using the three sample sections. The data showed that variables such as preferred angling method, preferred water type, number of fishing trips taken this year, age, importance of keeping fish, and whether an angler emphasizes catching a large number of fish or large fish, can influence anglers ' attitudes toward fisheries management policies.

The ungrouped data showed that the anglers sampled preferred: to catch brown or cutthroat trout; fish stocking to be limited to waters which have little or no natural reproduction or production; larger (14 inch) catchable size trout to be stocked even if it means a smaller number of fish will be stocked; the State to emphasize habitat improvement right along with fish stocking in their management plan; and the continuation of the policy to provide a limited amount of 11 Wild trout., regulated waters for angling variety.