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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Systems Technology and Education


Michael L. Pate


The purpose of this descriptive-correlation study was to examine the variables associated with Northern Utah farmers’ adoption of auto-guidance technologies in alfalfa and corn silage production and determine training preferences. Participants in this study engaged in an experiential training session utilizing an auto-guidance system comparable to those available for use on their own farm. A survey was administered to identify autoguidance technology adoption and farmers’ preferences for related training. The majority of participants reported being male (f = 56, 98.2%). Half of the participants in this study (50.8%) indicated using auto-guidance technology in some form in their farming practices. Most attendees used auto-guidance technology with tractors (36.1%) and self-propelled windrowers (32.8%). Agricultural equipment businesses and Extension agents should help non-users to embrace new technology by using implementation statistics that include peer usage and management benefits.