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Master of Science (MS)


Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology

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Yun Kim


Yun Kim


William F. Stinner


This study deals with Utah household projections by age and sex for five-year intervals from 1970-2000. Projections are based on the method used by the bureau of the Census with certain modifications. Two sets of the population projects prepared by the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station, high and low medium, are chosen as the population base. By assuming the household formation pattern in two alternate ways, constant rates and exponential growth rates, two sets of household projections are prepared for each of the two sets of population projections. This study also makes some examinations on the social and economic implications of these projections.

The 1960 and 1970 census data are used to project the furniture household headship rates. The households are projected in five categories: Husband-wife household, other male family head, female family head, male primary individual, and female primary individual. Being the prerequisite for household projection, the future population distribution by marital status, namely, single (never married), married with spouse present, and other married, is also prepared.



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