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Master of Science (MS)


Economics and Finance


W. Chris Lewis


The capitalization effect of property tax differentials for the four market quarters in 1976 was studied in the Logan, Utah market area. A secondary aspect of the study was to assess the variations in the assessed to market value ratio.

107 observed sales were used for the data set. Age of structure, square feet in structure, quality of neighborhood, and property tax were noted for each property sold.

From the regression analysis it was found that there was a significant capitalization of the tax differentials. The results indicate that a one-percent change in the property tax will result in a 0.4 percent change in property value. Also observed was the assessed to market value ratio. Results indicate that the actual ratio is about 12.5 percent not 20 percent, as is required by state law. The range in the ratio was from about 4 precent to 20 percent.

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