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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

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Carol Mayer-Reed


Carol Mayer-Reed


My continued professional and personal interest in the functions and design of public parks influenced me to generate a project theses that explores various aspects of a park's development. My intent is summarized as follows:

1. investigation of social and physical aspects of public spaces in the urban environment

2. generation of a realistic project program based on the needs and desires of the specific user groups for a case study park site

3. application of a design methodology to the case study park site

4. development of a site design that meets program requirements

5. production of the working drawings necessary for the park's implementation to further investigate construction techniques

This project thesis has little value as a contribution of significant information to the landscape architectural design profession. However, it served as a viable approach for specific and thorough investigation of public spaces and an application of a park in an urban situation.