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Master of Science (MS)




William E. Mortimer


This thesis is primarily a photographic study of past and present industries of Box Elder County, Utah. A variety of industries have been established in this county since it was first settled in 1851. This study illustrates the varying degrees of growth and recession of industries within the county and also depicts the many changes in industry over the past century.

The main purpose of the study was to gather photographs and pertinent information concerning the major industries of the county. It was proposed that this material would be useful to industrial arts teachers in their responsibility of presenting industry to the students in their classes. Others interested in industry would also benefit from the study.

Research was done to find photographs and information in the major areas of Minerals, Manufacturing, Electric Light and Power, Transportation, and Communication. A total of 128 photographs are presented, some dating back as far as the 1860's when early industries were comparatively new.

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