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Master of Science (MS)


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences

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Ethelwyn B. Wilcox


Ethelwyn B. Wilcox


D. A. Greenwood


H. M. Nielsen


H. O. Van Orden


All carbohydrates metabolized in the body must first be phosphorylated, As a result of Lundgaard's (1930 ) and Lohmann's (1934) discoveries, the focal interest of muscle biochemlstry has passed from the carbohydrate molecules to the phosphorus compounds, For glucose, the first reaction is the formation of a phosphate ester, glucose-6- phosphate, D. M. Neeedham (1938) found that ATP acts as a phosphorus donor, Glucose-6-phosphate may be transformed into glucose-1-phosphate or into fructose-6-phosphate. In liver, it may be hydrolized back to free glucose and inorganic phosphorus, Bate-Smith (1948) indicated that the free phosphate must be present before any breakdown of glycogen occurs and that the breakdown of glycogen will occur to the extent that free phosphate becomes available. Analysis of total and inorganic phosphorus in the liver is a measure of how much sugar is phosphorylated, This is related to the utilization of sugar, As the liver is an organ vitally concerned with the mechanism of carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism, it stores , transforms, and regulates food materials, T. B, Osborne , et al. (1919) suggested that economy in nutrition during growth depends upon the correct adjustment between the proportions of protein and total energy supplied. Quo (19 55) found that total carbohydrate content of turkey livers increased slightly with the addition of sucrose to the ration, The effect of sucrose in the ration on the protein content of turkey livers has not been investigated, The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of short pre-slaughter feeding of various levels of sucrose to turkeys on total and inorganic phosphorus and protein content of turkey liver and muscle.

This thesis is part of a larger project which includes the feeding of sucrose to various farm animals and poultry. This work has been 2 under investigation at Utah Agricultural Experiment Station since 1950. Weight gains, dressing percentages, liver weights, and total carbohydrate content, pH, total solids, ether extract and color of liver and muscle of the sucrose-fed-animal or bird has been determined, This thesis includes the total, inorganic, and organic phosphorus and protein values on both liver and muscle and measurement of color of liver of the sucrose-fed turkeys.