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Master of Science (MS)


Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences

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Arthur J. Morris


Arthur J. Morris


Paul B. Larsen


In many parts of the world where milk production is limited, there is an opportunity to process dairy foods from imported concentrated milk products. Dry ingredients can be shipped conveniently and some can be stored several months generally without deterioration. In these milk deficient areas, dried ingredients of good quality and with proper processing should increase the use and consumption of dairy products.

A large supply of high quality milk by-products which are fit for human consumption are available in the world today.

Many investigators and manufacturers have used dried milk by-products as a source of milk solids in frozen desserts with favorable results.

It is possible to process ice cream mix using dry ingredients only. Such ingredients include nonfat dry milk, dried buttermilk, dried whey or dried whole milk. Butter oil or vegetable oils may be used as the source of fat.

Dried dairy ingredients can be used to make a good quality ice cream which has a relatively low cost and is convenient to process. In countries where fluid milk is scarce the use of dried products in frozen desserts allows more fresh milk to be marketed as such.

In this study it is planned to investigate the sources, uses in processing, and quality results of dry ingredients in ice cream.



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