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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Jacob Gunther


In the study of computer vision, background modeling is a fundamental and critical task in many conventional applications. This thesis presents an introduction to background modeling and various computer vision techniques for estimating the background model to achieve the goal of removing dynamic objects in a video sequence.

The process of estimating the background model with temporal changes in the absence of foreground moving objects is called adaptive background modeling. In this thesis, three adaptive background modeling approaches were presented for the purpose of developing \teacher removal" algorithms. First, an adaptive background modeling algorithm based on linear adaptive prediction is presented. Second, an adaptive background modeling algorithm based on statistical dispersion is presented. Third, a novel adaptive background modeling algorithm based on low rank and sparsity constraints is presented. The design and implementation of these algorithms are discussed in detail, and the experimental results produced by each algorithm are presented. Lastly, the results of this research are generalized and potential future research is discussed.



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Engineering Commons