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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development

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Food and Nutrition


Ethelwyn B. Wilcox


The effects and desirability of utilizing dried whey in pie crust, muffins, and beef gravies were studied using taste panel evaluations and objective testings. In pas try the addition of whey caused significant changes. As the whey level increased to 10 percent of the flour weight, the crust became browner during baking and the shortometer recorded an increase in tenderness. The taste panel noted as whey levels increased to 10 percent and above that the color became yellow instead of creamy white; the flavor became undesirable; and pastry became less tender and flaky. Whey significantly increased the desirability of muffins by enhancing the golden brown color, producing a more desirable flavor and increasing the tenderness of the muffins. Whey enhanced the flavor of fresh gravies. The consistency and mouth feel rated undesirable in milk gravies when whey was added. However it was more acceptable in gravies using water as the liquid. High whey levels prevented excessive retrogradation, but had adverse flavor effects.



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Food Science Commons