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Master of Science (MS)


Political Science

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M. Harrison


M. Harrison


This thesis will be concerned entirely with general obligation bonding in the city of Logan, Utah. Many worth-while improvements have been acquired by Logan City through the general obligation bonding method. The question of whether or not to go into debt for a certain project has caused many interesting arguments to be put forth by the Logan populace. A study of these arguments and their results is the object of this thesis. Logan City has never had to default on any debt incurred. Its credit rating is very good. Other cities of comparable size that have had trouble meeting their obligations could profit by considering how Logan has been able to pay its debts and improve the city at the same time. General obligation bonding is a part of the method employed for city improvement. But as before stated, these bonds cannot be issued unless an affirmative vote of those voting is obtained from the property holders. This thesis proposes to study the issues and purposes for which general obligation bonds were needed, to find out whether or not those in favor of the bonds had good foresight. Whether those against the bonds were looking out for the best interest of Logan and the interest shown by the public, as indicated in the number which turned out to vote, will also be studied.