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Master of Science (MS)


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences

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Nutrition and Food Sciences

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Gary H. Richardson


Gary H. Richardson


Deloy G. Hendricks


Paul A. Savello


The Mozzarella cheese market is growing rapidly. Major concerns with cheese meltability and color have arisen in the fast food industry. Pre starter culture was used in this study to improve the physical properties of Mozzarella cheese. Three tests (stretch test, melt test, and browning test) were modified to evaluate the quality of cheese.

A stretch test using the Brookfield helipath viscometer to stretch the cheese sample at 60°C was successful in distinguishing cheeses from different make procedures and from different proteolytic strains. A melt test using a glass tube to hold the cheese flow at 110°C for 60 min was used to determine meltability of cheese. A chroma meter was used to measure color change after the cheese sample was subjected to boiling water for 60 min. The b* value was used to indicate the color change.

Cheese made with Pre strains of Lactobacillus bulgaricus stretched less but showed longer melting flow than that from Prt+ strains. Cheese made with Pre strains was lighter in color than cheese from Prt+ strains. An inverse relationship existed between stretchability and meltability. When mixed cultures of L. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophil us were used, the symbiotic interaction in acid production of Prt+ strains was more effective than mixed cultures of Prt- strains. Stretchability of...