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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Educational Psychology


E. Wayne Wright


Prior to World War II, the question as to whether or not public school counselors needed public school teaching experience would never have entered the minds of counselor educators, employers, or any other persons concerned with this matter. In the teaching field, a premium was placed on experience and often times an apprenticeship for a position had to be served. With today's shortage of teachers and counselors, a number of persons have been employed as public school counselors without teaching experience. The effects of the employment of public school counselors without school teaching experience has caused many questions to be raised concerning their effectiveness and how they compare in effectiveness with counselors who were employed only after having had successful teaching experience.

It has now become important to understand what effect public school teaching experience has on the school counselor and why public school teaching experience has been and still is a prerequisite for counselor certification. Some authorities in counselor education and supervision question this prerequisite and consider the effects of teaching to be more detrimental than helpful to the education and function of the public school counselor. Others see public school teaching experience as not only contributing to the preparation of the counselor but as an essential prerequisite for the effective functioning of the counselor in a public school setting.



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