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Master of Education (MEd)


Special Education and Rehabilitation


K. Richard Young


This project investigated whether a precision teaching method used with learning disabled high school students (grades 9-12) could give them the skills needed to pass a minimum based competency test in the area of local, state and national government. The specific objective of this project was to determine if the use of precision teaching enabled the students to retain the facts needed to pass a competency test required for graduation. A multiple-baseline design across behaviors was used to show the effect of precision teaching in mastering the needed facts. The data from each baseline improved and surpassed the set criteria when the intervention was introduced. The Cache School District requires mastery level test score of 70% or higher for each competency test. The pretest scores of the students in this study ranged from 40% to 58%. When all three interventions were completed, the students' test scores ranged from 92% to 100%, thus meeting and surpassing the school district's mastery level.