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Master of Science (MS)




Heber C. Sharp


This study was designed to investigate more completely the variable of achievement effort (effort in school) as related to self rating, teacher rating, student self concept, actual achievement, and sex differences.

A group of 198 sixth grade students were used as the experimental subjects. Five sets of data were obtained on the students: (a) students' self ratings on an achievement effort rating scale, (b) teachers' ratings of their students on the same achievement effort rating scale, (c) students' scores on a self concept scale, (d) students' performances on an achievement test, and (e) students' performances on an intelligence test. Partial correlation, product-moment correlation, and chi-square were the statistical techniques used to analyze the data.

The results showed that the correlations which were not significantly different than zero were: (1) achievement with self concept, and (2) achievement with achievements effort as rated by the student. The correlations which were significantly greater than zero were: (1) achievement effort as rated by the student with self concept, (2) achievement with achievement effort as rated by the teacher, and (3) achievement effort as rated by the student with achievement effort as rated by the teacher.