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Master of Science (MS)




E. Wayne Wright


The intent of this study was to follow up the students of Mound Fort Junior High School's ninth grade class of 1962-63 in order to secure information and facts about members of that class and to answer the following questions: (1) What has happened to the students educationally? (2) What has happened to the students vocationally? (3) How many students have served or are presently serving the armed forces? (4) What is the marital status of each student? (5) How did the high school graduate compare with the dropout in test scores, grade point average, attendance, awareness of counseling services, and use of counseling services? (6) How did the students react to the school's program?

There were 214 students (108 boys and 106 girls) who constituted the sample of this follow-up study. Sources used for obtaining desired information concerning the sample included a questionnaire and school records. Questionnaires were mailed to 214 students and it was assumed that 185 students received one. Of this number, 135 students (72.9%) completed and returned their questionnaires.

The results of this study showed that graduates scored higher in all areas than the dropouts--intelligence, achievement, grade point, and school attendance. The test scores for the average dropout indicated that they had the intelligence and the ability to achieve in school work. There was a greater awareness of counseling services among the graduates than was true of the dropouts. Suggestions and comments made by the students indicated they would like their teachers to take a personal interest in them, talk to them on their level, and treat them as an adult. Students want to be encouraged to stay in school and to have the importance of education stressed.