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Master of Science (MS)




Arden Frandsen


This study was designed to examine the effect teaching five and one-half to six-year-old children analytical and conceptual thinking strategies would have on their subsequent performance on the Bender-Gestalt Test. The sample was composed of 34 kindergarten children in this age range from the Providence Elementary School. They were randomly divided into two groups of equal size; one group was then given three 10-minute training sessions over three days which were designed to teach them analytical and conceptual thinking strategies. The other group was also given three 10-minute sessions with the investigator; however, they were only involved in looking at and identifying pictures./p>

The hypothesis that the group receiving this training would have lower error scores on the Bender-Gestalt Test was not substantiated by this research.

One possible explanation for these results is that the training given was not extensive enough to effectively teach the use of these concepts as measured by their test performance.