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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Roland Bergeson


Over the first half of the present study the Mini-Mult (MM1), a brief form of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), was compared with the standard MMPI in relation to eleven criteria classifications. These criteria were composed of the profile analysis classifications of Marks and Seeman (1963). Pearson product-moment correlations between the MM1 and MMPI failed to reach statistical significance for any of the eleven criteria.

As based on the information gained, a correction factor was devised and added to the MM1. Subsequently, the second half of the study involved a comparison between the HMPI and the revised MM. This revised test was termed the MM2. In only two of eleven criteria cases did the correlation between the MM2 and MMPI reach statistical significance. However, for nine of the eleven criteria the MM2 did obtain a higher positive correlation with the MMPI than did the MM1.

Such results indicate that the proposed correction factor is a step in the right direction and deserving of continued investigation.

Although the MM2 as it presently stands cannot be validy substituted for the MMPI, continued research in the area of modifying its correction factor can yield it a useful clinical tool.



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