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Master of Science (MS)




Keith T. Checketts


The purpose of this study was to determine the factors which affected the decision of students not to return to Utah State University after completion of the previous quarter. The factors were determined by a mailed questionnaire which was a modification of the Withdrawing/ Nonreturning Student Survey developed by American College Testing (ACT).

One hundred twenty-two former Utah State University students who had attended fall quarter, 1979 but failed to register for winter quarter were randomly chosen for the study. The students were asked to complete the questionnaire and return it to Utah State University. The return rate through the mail was low and many were completed over the telephone.

The results indicated that full-time employment, financial difficulties, marital plans, and the decision to attend a different college or university were the factors cited most frequently as reasons for not returning to Utah State University.

A recommendation was made for the staff members who work with freshmen to be made aware of the large numbers of these students who do not return to Utah State University. It was also suggested that the distribution system for financial aids be reviewed to determine the most effective utilization of their resources for retention of students. Also, Utah State University may want to explore the special needs of out-of-state students with regard to social life. A study which further investigates the attrition rates of graduate students was recommended.



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