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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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William R. Dobson


William R. Dobson


There is a lack of simple random sample based research into whether there are social skill and behavior problem differences for six- to eleven-year-old boys and girls which correlate with rates of parental alcohol consumption, social sequelae of parental alcohol consumption, reported level of marital conflict, and extended family history of alcoholism.

This simple random sample study correlates the above variables with T scores on the behavior problem and social competence scales of the Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist and Child Behavior Checklist - Teacher's Report Form for six- to eleven-year-old children (N=lOO). Behavior problem scales include disorders of affect, thought, and conduct, and attentional problems. Social competence scales include measures of activity level, social involvement, and school performance and working hard, behaving appropriately, learning, and happiness at school. Variables which demonstrate high correlations (p ≤ .05) are also examined using multiple regression.

Both males and females are shown to be impacted both in magnitude and pervasiveness of effect. The single most affected dependent variable for both males and females is delinquent behaviors. Dad's score on the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test is the independent variable that most frequently predicts the largest amount of variance in regression equations.



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