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Master of Science (MS)




David M. Stein


The relationship between alcoholism and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) has been discussed in two research areas: research on the prevalence of GAD in alcoholics, and the prevalence of alcoholism in individuals diagnosed with GAD. Studies indicate that between 6 to 26% of alcoholics have a current diagnosis of GAD, with a lifetime prevalence rate of up 51%. In the general population, 4% would currently receive a diagnosis of GAD, with a lifetime prevalence of 8%.

This meta-analytic review of the empirical literature examines the relationship between GAD and alcoholism. The author used percentages to compare the results of various studies. The averaged results of these various studies suggested there is a 25% comorbidity rate of GAD and alcoholism. critical review of the studies examined in this review revealed substantial methodological errors. Based on a critical review of the research methodology in the studies cited, the author proposed further research.

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