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Master of Science (MS)


Natural Resources

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Forest Resources


David W. Roberts


This research determines and demonstrates the ability to simulate dynamic multispecies animal habitat suitability with forest succession models. A literature review of dynamic animal habitat models is presented. The structure of an existing forest simulation model (MASS10) was modified from a basal area-based model to a volume-based model (DYNAM10). The forest model was calibrated using data from permanent-plot growth and vegetation samples collected by USDA Forest Service Forest Survey procedures. The theoretical growth parameters used to simulate stand development were validated. Predictions of DBH and height growth, as well as stand-level behavior, were verified. A subroutine, VEGDYN, was added to DYNAMlO to simulate 34 structural vegetation parameters required by animal Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) models. Predictions of the structural parameters were verified. Ten animal-species HSI models were linked to DYNAMlO via the program HSI.FOR, and predicted dynamic HSI values were verified by hand-calculation. Typical patterns of dynamic HSI predictions are presented and discussed.