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The structure of the western three or four miles of the Bear River range east of Logan, Utah, has many times been alluded to in papers written locally on Cache Valley and the related ranges. There has not however, ever been, to the author's knowledge, an investigation made of this portion of the range for the express purpose of determining its exact structure. Although the area specifically covered by this present investigation is greatly inadequate to base the whole west range structure on, the author believes that the facts brought to light by the specific study of this area, added to the facts already known of the rest of the range, will give a clearer and more comprehensive interpretation of the whole western Bear River range front. It was with this purpose in mind that the present investigation was made. The original outline for the study included an investigation of the paleontology of the section. It was found however, after a few weeks study in the field, that the fossils in the local section are far too scarce for any comprehensive study in the present investigation. The study herein described then will be found to refer to paleontology only where it is necessary or where fossil horizons were found advantageous over lithologic units for mapping of formations. The section represented here has several times been studied in part. With a study of these investigations, it was found that there was enough lithologic difference in most of the sections to make possible local correlation and mapping on that basis. In order to make the present paper more thorough and complete it seemed advisable to branch out from the specific area in a few cases and investigate other parts of the valley and range for further insight.into some of the problems confronted on the area. It was also found necessary to make a rather complete study of the literature of related areas.



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