Date of Award:


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mathematics and Statistics


Jurgen Symanzik


Eye tracking is the process of measuring where people are looking at with an eye tracker device. Eye tracking has been used in many scientific fields, such as education, usability research, sports, psychology, and marketing. Eye tracking data are often obtained from a static eye tracker or are manually extracted from a mobile eye tracker. Visualization usually plays an important role in the analysis of eye tracking data. So far, there existed no software package that contains a whole collection of eye tracking data processing and visualization tools. In this dissertation, we review the eye tracking technology, the eye tracking techniques, the existing software related to eye tracking, and the research on eye tracking for posters and related media. We then discuss the three main goals we have achieved in this dissertation: (i) development of a Matlab toolbox for automatically extracting mobile eye tracking data; (ii) development of the linked microposter plots family as new means for the visualization of eye tracking data; (iii) development of an R package for automatically extracting and visualizing data from mobile and static eye trackers.