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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Committee Chair(s)

David G. Tarboton


David G. Tarboton


Jeffrey S. Horsburgh


Joe Wheaton


Deeper understanding of relationships between flow in river sand various hydrologic elements such as rainfall, land use, and soil type is imperative to solve water related problems like droughts and floods. Advanced computer models are becoming essential in helping us understand such relationships. However, preparing such models requires huge investment of time and resources, much of which are concentrated on acquisition and curation of data. This work introduces agree and open source web Application (web App) that provides researchers with simplified access to hydrological data and modeling functionality. The web App helps in the creation of both hydrologic models, and climatic and geographic data. Free and open source platforms such as Tethys and Hydro Share were used in the development of the web Apia physics based model called TOPographic Kinematic APproximation and Integration (TOPKAPI) was used as the driving use case for which a complete hydrologic modeling service was developed to demonstrate the approach. The final product is a complete modeling system accessible through the web to create hydrologic data and run a hydrologic model for a watershed of interest. An additional model, TOPNET, was incorporated to demonstrate the generality of the approach and capability for adding other models into the framework.