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Educational Specialist (EdS)



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Donna Gilbertson


Donna Gilbertson


Melanie Domenech-Rodriguez


This study examined the efficacy of a brief culturally and instructionally modified cognitive behavioral therapy program for five anxious Latino/a youths ages 8-11 years in an elementary school setting. Each student exhibited anxiety in a classroom setting as reported by their teachers and parents or guardians. A noncurrent multiple baseline design was implemented using A-B replications to assess the effects of baseline and treatment on daily self-report student distress ratings as well as daily teacher rated distress, academic engagement, and work completion. All participants completed the Revised Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale-2 pre- and post-treatment as well as a Children’s Intervention Rating Profile post-treatment. The participants received a total of five sessions twice a week to teach skills. With the modified program, it was found that four of the five students benefited from the intervention on academic performance or engagement and three of the five also benefited on emotional regulation ratings. Additionally, all five students perceived the intervention as acceptable. Suggestions for future research include further assessment of student acculturation and acculturative stress, including more phone call check-ins and/or visits with parents, further assessment of the degree of teacher support of learned skills, and teacher acceptability of the intervention.



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