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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mathematics and Statistics

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Ian M. Anderson


Ian M. Anderson


The purpose of this dissertation is to address various geometric aspects of second-order scalar hyperbolic partial differential equations in two independent variables and one dependent variable

F(x, y, u, u_x, u_y, u_xx, u_xy, u_yy )= 0 (1)

We find a characterization of hyperbolic Darboux integrable equations at level k (1) in terms of the vanishing of the generalized Laplace invariants and provide an invariant characterization of various cases in the Goursat general classification of hyperbolic Darboux integrable equations (1). In particular we give a contact invariant characterization of equations integrable by the methods of general and intermediate integrals. New relative invariants that control the existence of the first integrals of the characteristic Pfaffian systems are found and used to obtain an invariant characterization for the class of -Gordon equations. A notion of a hyperbolic Darboux system is introduced and we show by examples that the classical Laplace transformation is just a special case of a diffeomorphism of hyperbolic Darboux systems. We also construct new examples of homomorphisms between certain hyperbolic systems. We characterize Monge-Ampere equations and explicitly exhibit two invariants whose vanishing is a necessary and sufficient condition for the equation to be of the Monge-Ampere type. The solution to the inverse problem of the calculus of variations for hyperbolic equations (1) in terms of the generalized Laplace invariants is presented. We also obtain some partial results on symplectic conservation laws. We characterize, up to contact equivalence, some classical equations using the generalized Laplace invariants. These results contain characterizations of the wave, Liouville, Klein-Gordon, and certain types of Euler-Poisson equations.



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