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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Kathleen A. J. Mohr


Marla Robertson

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Sylvia Read


This study investigated the use of explicit revision instruction and digital writing during writing workshop with 21 students in a mainstream second-grade classroom. The pedagogical goal guiding this study was to improve revisions in informational writing and overall writing quality. Students’ informational writing quality scores significantly improved from pre-to post-assessment.

Throughout the intervention, collected data included tallies of the types and amount of revision in student writing samples, the overall quality of student informational writing prior to and after revision, and teacher journal entries. Students were able to revise their informational writing independently. Students’ informational writing scores were higher post-revision, with the addition of words correlating with higher scores. The sample size was insufficient to determine the relationship between the number or type of revisions and increased writing scores.

The intervention implemented in this study provided students with instruction that enabled them to utilize revision independently to improve the overall quality of their informational writing. The digital application lent itself to easier manipulation of the text, encouraging students to revise. Findings from this study revealed that students’ informational writing moved from below grade-level competency to at or above grade-level competency in three iterations across 6 weeks.



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