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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Special Education and Rehabilitation


Robert L. Morgan


Jared C. Schultz

Third Advisor:

Kaitlin Bundock


The successful transition for students with disabilities into adult roles and activities post high-school, including employment, participation in postsecondary educational opportunities, and inclusion in social activities, continues to be a challenge for these individuals. Research has established that the development of certain skills earlier on can support students with disabilities in making a successful transition into these adult roles. The development of self-determination skills is one such practice. There is a need in the field of education to further research in programs that are available for teachers in providing instruction in self-determination skills. This study sought to establish research on one such program titled the My Transition Portfolio. The cost of this program included the purchase of individual student workbooks and a copy of the teacher’s manual for each participating teacher. This cost was covered by the student researcher. The results of this study did establish the potential of the program to assist teachers in providing instruction in self-determination skills and that future research on the program would be advantageous to the field.



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