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Master of Science (MS)


Family, Consumer, and Human Development


Linda Skogrand


This study focused on how African American couples in happy marriages talked about finances in their couple relationships. Qualitative methodology was used for this study, and the data came from transcribed interviews with participants. Thirty-seven couples who identified their marriages as being strong, happy, or highly satisfying, volunteered to be interviewed for this study. All individual participants (74 total) talked about finances in their marriages, and all interviews were used for the purpose of this study. Their descriptions were coded and analyzed to explore the way that they talked about money issues in their marriages. The research questions focused on how couples talked about financial stress and how they talked about financial decisions in their relationships. An unanticipated finding was how they talked about transcending finances in their marriages. The findings can contribute to future research and financial education for African American couples.


This work made publicly available electronically on November 29, 2010.