A Study to Determine the Feasibility of Irrigating the Lands Included in the Cache Valley Water Conservation District No. 1

I. Donald Jerman, Utah State University

This work made publicly available electronically on December 14, 2010.


The purpose of this report is to investigate the feasibility of irrigating the lands of the Cache Valley Water Conservation District No. 1. The district, as it now stands, is very much in need of many improvements. The main canals are now in use and are in a good condition to serve all the lands with the required amount of water, but the few laterals that are now constructed, are in poor condition, with the remaining laterals yet to be finished.

Before successful irrigation can be practiced, a large portion of the land will require leveling and small areas are water-logged, which will require drainage.

The soils of the area are of an impervious nature, and alkaline to some extent, which will require a definite method of procedure to put them in condition for plant growth.

This report consists of a study of the factors affecting the feasibility of irrigating this district and includes a suggested program of reclamation.