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Master of Science (MS)



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Susan Crowley


Susan Crowley


Scott DeBerard


JoAnn Tschanz


Integrated primary care (IPC) is a method for providing medical and psychotherapy services within a single primary care setting. Doctoral psychology students pursuing a career in psychotherapy may receive training in IPC as doctoral students. However, the field of IPC has a limited understanding of the current quality of IPC training for doctoral psychology students. The current study utilized professional competency guidelines for practicing psychology in IPC settings to evaluate doctoral training provided at the Utah State University Student Health Center. Doctoral psychology training at the Student Health Center was evaluated for how well it provides training in IPC competencies and how well it develops competencies among students who have competed the training. Competency training provided and developed in doctoral students was measured using existing student evaluations, the training course syllabus, and surveys of 14 doctoral students, 4 medical providers, and the training supervisor. Moderate examples of training and competence skills were found in the Science and Systems competency clusters, consistently high ratings of training and competence were found in the Professionalism, Relationships, and Application clusters, and minimal evidence of training was found in the Education cluster. Future development of training is suggested in the team approach to patient care, communication of expectations for students and medical providers, and teaching about IPC. This study contributes to the understanding of the current state of IPC training and the degree to which doctoral psychology students are prepared for careers in IPC.



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