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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Special Education and Rehabilitation


Charles L. Salzberg


Parents of children with disabilities need accurate information to help them provide tailored services and supports to their families. This is especially true for immigrant Latino families who tend to experience poor overall health and who tend to avoid formal services and supports.Based on input gathered from Latino Parents of children with disabilities, a three module curriculum, "Empowering Families," was developed. Following a cultural appropriateness review of the curriculum and associated measurement instruments, revisions were made to the content and presentation procedure. This was followed by a field test of the curriculum with two groups of Latino parent/caregivers of children with developmental disabilities. Results from the training sessions with both groups indicate that the training resulted in moderate knowledge gains and that self-reported healthy lifestyle behaviors experience minimal improvement. Overall health status was essentially unchanged. Participants rated the content very highly in terms of cultural appropriateness and usefulness.


This work made publicly available electronically on July 7, 2011.