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World Education Engineering Forum Conference


Albuquerque, NM

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NSF, Division of Engineering Education and Centers (EEC) 1653140


NSF, Division of Engineering Education and Centers (EEC)

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In order for an engineering academic body (e.g., facultyand students) to navigate their surroundings, they must first become aware of the hidden curriculum around them. Hidden curriculum represents how particular assumptions, values, attitudes, and beliefs about schooling manifests in practice. When understood, these types of lessons or messages allow students, faculty, and staff to more easily navigate the academic and socio-political customs needed for success.

As part of a larger study, a total of 224 participants across 57 engineering programs in the United States and Latin America were asked to comment on a survey that asked respondents about the expectations they perceived are placed on engineering students or faculty at their institution and from what source they believed these expectations came from. Preliminary findings pointed to concerns from participants that standardization (e.g., ABET) may not consider the unique resources needed among a diverse group of students as well as impinge contradictory influences on competency development in engineering. Also, the notions of elitism in engineering was seen among underrepresented participants as potentially harmful, in terms of mental and emotional health, in engineering. Results from this work can guide administrators, educators, and policy makers in engineering to consider the context and unique challenges of engineering students and faculty alike in meeting the expectations of this field.



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