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UNM Mentoring Institute


Albuquerque, NM

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NSF, Division of Engineering Education and Centers (EEC) 1653140


NSF, Division of Engineering Education and Centers (EEC)

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The relationship a graduate student and their research advisor have while they work together in academia is pivotal to the development and success of the research and involved parties (Polson, 2003). Students rely on their advisor to guide them through the academic and research process while also being a role model of professional and ethical behavior (Johnson, 2016; King, 2003). In essence, a research advisor must accept the trust and confidence of the graduate student to act in their best interest by following ethical mentoring principles. However, if the advisor is unaware of the best interest of their students or how to be an ‘ethical mentor’, they may overlook a student’s unique needs and risk relationship dysfunction. This work aims to explore the hidden players of ethical research mentoring perspectives, principles, norms, and issues of inclusivity for women graduate students in science and engineering. Particularly, we are interested in understanding six ethical mentoring principles: (1) Beneficence, (2) Nonmaleficence, (3) Autonomy, (4) Fidelity, (5) Fairness, and (6) Privacy, all which require an in-depth understanding for a productive research relationship. Preliminary qualitative analysis has revealed the importance of effective communication; how power imbalances are reinforced between the research advisor and graduate student; and how awareness of hidden norms and expectations within the research culture can shape research relationships.



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