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In software development, either alone or in a team, there are many aspects that determine the success in developing the software, including each developer's skills. Studies show that the application of metacognition can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of software development. To measure a metacognition skill, there need to be a metacognition measurement tools. One example of this measurement method is adapted engineering design metacognitive questionnaire. However, the respondents feel that existing tools still have not given them any benefits. This research is conducted to develop an information visualization tools for the metacognition measurement from an adapted engineering design metacognitive questionnaire. The research was performed using qualitative method adapted from the user-centered design approach, which is user requirement analysis, design alternatives, prototyping, and evaluation. The finding suggests that with information visualization, the students as the respondents feel the benefits of filling the EDMQ questionnaire. However, from the design standpoint, there are still numerous things that can be improved to make the visualization more informative.



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