Industrial teacher education in transition

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Mississippi Valley Industrial Teacher Education Conference



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This publication celebrates the "diamond jubilee of the Mississippi Valley Industrial Teacher Education Conference (MVITEC) and is only the second to be based upon conference presentations in the organization's 75-year history. The following papers are included: "The Mississippi Valley Conference" (Evans); "What Has Made the Mississippi Valley Industrial Teacher Education Conference Effective?" (Wolansky); "The Conference and the Literature of the Field" (Stephens); "Technology Education: The Culmination of a 79-Year Quest" (Lemons); "Evaluation of Our Profession over the Past 25 Years: Quantitative and Qualitative Measures" (Dugger); "Research Methods in Industrial Education: Heritage and Prospect" (Pannabecker); "Teaching Social Values of Work in Industrial Education" (Bjorkquist); "Rationale, Basic Assumptions, and Content of Industrial Arts Education, Industrial Technology Education, and Technology Education" (Savage); "Technology Education: Its Response to Change and to Societal Needs" (Bender); "Technology Education as a Part of Undergraduate Liberal Education" (Wiens); "Twenty-Five Years of Change (1963-1988) and Its Effect on Industrial Teacher Education Administrators" (Rokusek, Israel); "Conceptual Models and Strategies for Developing Technology Education" (Bensen); "Industrial Teacher Education 1988-2000" (Lauda). Also included in the book are the membership rules and regulations of the MVITEC, the membership roster of the MVITEC on September 1, 1988, and comments on the members' installation ceremony by Wolansky. (CML)

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