Review and evaluation of curriculum development in industrial arts education

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The Center for Vocational and Technical Education

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The decade of the sixties saw the appearance of more formal curriculum development efforts in industrial arts than had occurred in its total prior history as a school subject. This paper seeks to explore, analyze, and compare these curriculum development efforts and to suggest priorities for future development, dissemination, and research activities. The programs discussed are grouped according to those based upon either industry or technology, those centered around the individual projects with a career development or occupational emphasis, and those characterized by an evolutionary approach. Although the literature reveals a widespread concern and involvement in an effort to improve the industrial arts program, there is still no instance where an innovative program has been implemented across all grade levels. Nor has there been much coordination with programs in other school subjects. Materials presently available vary from philosophical guidelines for adaptation by the teacher, to highly specific text materials and laboratory manuals, available commercially. Problem areas of research, development, and dissemination are identified by the author. (GEB)

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