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Purpose: The purpose of the 2022 Utah College Sexual Behavior Survey project was to use retrospective sexual behavior and education measures to gain a better understanding of the sexual behaviors and perceptions of sex education of Utah youth by asking students aged 18-21 years old about their sexual behaviors as youth. This supplement provides additional qualitative research that aids in understanding our quantitative findings.

Measures: The qualitative survey questions represented three topical areas. These areas included questions about consent, sex education satisfaction, and student’s parental preference when discussing topics about sex and health.

Method: A one-time survey was disseminated to students aged 18-21 at three universities in Utah. We relied on a convenience sampling strategy to answer the research questions guiding this study.

Analysis: Inductive coding was used. One member of the team created codebooks for each question and then received feedback from two other team members who examined interrater reliability to establish final codes and themes.

Results: This report outlines the qualitative results from the 2022 Utah College Sexual Behavior Survey. Results showed that students generally felt that a more comprehensive sex education was needed in Utah, that consent is easy to give and obtain, and that young adults thought their mothers were easier to discuss sex and health topics with.



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