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Risks for Children in Agriculture

Jill Webster Ph.D., Utah State University


Nationally, an estimated 300 boys and girls under 20 years of age die each year in farming accidents nationally. In fact, children under 16 years old account for 20% of farm fatalities in the U.S. Unfortunately farm children are twice as likely to be killed in an accident than urban children. In addition young people living on, working on, or visiting a farm, suffer 100,000 injuries each year. These injuries result nearly 1,000 permanent disabilities. Farms and ranches are the home, playground, or workplace for thousands of children in Utah. Young people in Utah suffer fatalities and accidents at a higher rate than the national average, 27.6% (age 0-16) in Utah as opposed to 20% (age 0-16) for the U.S. Parents, grandparents, and employers need to be aware of the risks in agricultural settings. Knowing the hazards can help you eliminate dangers and set limits that reduce the exposure of your children or young employees to hazards.