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Video ordering information for Realizing the Impact of Injection Site Lesions

Clell V. Bagley DVM, Utah State University


Injection of almost any drug or solution into the muscles of a food animal will result in scar tissue formation and some residual lesion in those muscle tissues. These lesions are very displeasing to consumers if found in meat products. Their presence also contributes to loss of tenderness for much of the remainder of the cut of meat. If found during processing, the lesions can be trimmed out but this still results in trim loss and increased labor costs for the processor. This video was produced from a demonstration provided by Dr. Jerry Woodruff of Fort Dodge Animal Health. The purpose was to show the lesions which occur after injections are given intramuscularly to cattle. A chronically ill, ìrealizer,î feedlot calf was purchased by Fort Dodge Animal Health for use in the demonstration. At 11 days prior to the demonstration, the calf was injected with commercial products at various body sites. The syringe and needle used were those in use at the feedlot where the calf was purchased. The equipment and medication bottles were somewhat dusty - but just as they were currently being used. On the day of the demonstration, the calf was hauled to the USU Meats Laboratory, slaughtered and eviscerated. The carcass was then skinned and the lesions demonstrated to a group of producers and for the video camera.