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Fertilizing for a Successful Garden

Duane Hatch, Utah State University Extension

The exact publication date is unknown but is estimated to have been in 1985.


Properly grown vegetables require high levels of minerals and water. They grow rapidly and produce their edible portion in 25-100 days. We appreciate vegetables because they are tender and crisp or have succulent fruits of various kinds. Plants grown under stress, lacking water and fertility are not as productive nor as desirable to the palate. By following these guidelines you may be rewarded with a productive garden of quality vegetables without obtaining a soil test. If the soil has not been gardened previously, or if the garden performs poorly in spite of your fertility program, perhaps you should consider a soil test. The USU Soils Lab will test your soil for $10.00 and give you pH, phosphorus, potassium, soluble salts and soil texture readings. The test will not identify soil borne insects, diseases or chemical residues.