Food Structure


Proximate composition, textural properties and microstructural changes of mechanically deboned chicken/15% corn starch extrudates were evaluated when restructured at die temperatures of 25, 71, 82, 93 , 104 and ll5°C in a twin-screw extruder. Total sol ids and fat content decreased, whereas protein content increased die temperatures were increased. When die temperature was increased from 71°C to 104°C, apparent stress at failure of extrudates increased by 44 kPa , but decreased at a die temperature of 115°C. Changes in the protein matrix, fat globules and starch granules due to changes i n extruder die temperature were observed by scanning electron microscopy. Extrudates prepared at die temperatures of 71°C and 82°C exhibited microstructures similar to those observed for salt-soluble muscle protein gels. Extrudates prepared at die temperatures above 93°C exhibited microstructures more typical of gelatinized starch.

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