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Scanning electron microscopy ( SEM) was used to observe the protein bodies of soybeans after irradiation (0 - 10 kGy dose range) , dielectric heating and storage . Microbiological changes , lip oxygenase and trypsin inhibit or activities and biological value were also studied after different treatments and storaee . There were no differences in the ultrastructure of control and irradiated ( 3, 6 and 10 kGy) soybeans immediately after irradiation . The effect of storage depended on whether whole or milled soybeans had been stored . There was no direct effect of dielectric he ating on soybeans ultrastruc ture , however , during storage it changed the same way as the milled and irradiated soybean . Irradiation reduced the number of microbes , but had no effect on the biological values or the activities of trypsin inhibitor and lipoxygenase (0- 10 kGy) . Dielectric heating had no effect on microbes , but inactivated the trypsin inhibitor and lipoxygenase and increased the biological values of the soybeans .

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