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Margarine based on hydrogenated low erucic acid rapeseed oil shows a strong tendency to produce an unacceptable grainy structure. This is caused by rapid transition of the B-form into the B-form of fat crystals. Sorbitan esters, monoacylglycerols, and a blend of acylglycerols were investigated as possible B-stabilizers. Polymorphic transitions were evaluated by visual assessment, examination by polarized light microscopy, and x-ray diffraction analysis in margarines prepared on a laboratory scale and containing varying amounts of stabilizers. The evaluation was extended over a 7-week period of storage at 10 C. Sorbitan esters of fatty acids were found to be the most efficient stabilizers. If the stabilizer content was 0.4% (w/w) or more, the transition was retarded and the margarine retained its smooth texture throughout the storage period.

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