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The influence of polyols and emulsifiers on hardening of non-glutinous rice starch gels has been investigated. The polyols and emulsifiers were added at concentrations of 6% (w/w) and 0.2% (w/w), respectively , to starch gels (starch content, 30%). The hardening rate and the initial viscoelastic values of gels were computed by analyzing static linear viscoelastic parameters (creep compliance) of the gels stored at 0 C for up to 3,000 minutes.

Hardening of gels, i.e., retrogradation of starch, could be described by a first order kinetic equation. Polyols prevented the retrogradation of starch, and formed rigid and stable gel matrices. Emulsifiers also retarded starch retrogradation and stabilized the gel network.

The use of the two food additives was successful in retarding the retrogradation of starch. It follows that these effects might be attributed to the water-structure formation effect of polyols and the complex-formation of starch chains with emulsifier molecules.

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