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Haze obtained from commercial apple juice over the 1991 season contained from 11.4 to 29.0% protein (w/w) , trace quantities of both metal cations and polymeric carbohydrate, and gave strong responses to tests for phenolic compounds indicating a protein-phenol haze. SDS-PAGE of the 2-mercaptoethanol reduced , guanidinium hydrochloride dissaggregated haze particles gave a continuous smear indicating a population of molecules ranging from 29K to greater than 205K daltons. Transmission electron microscopy of negatively stained preparations revealed the presence of spherical bodies only partially penetrable by stain and possessin g a suhunit structure. These particles were embedded in a material presumably polymerized in such a way as to form chain-like aggregates. Protein-phenol haze particles consist of two structural components: spherical particles, probably protein , embedded in polymerized phenolics.

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