Food Structure


D. F. Lewis


The paper presents a philosophical approach to the investigation of foreign body incidents in food. The suggested procedure has similarities with "key" procedures used for taxonomy. However, the wide diversity of materials encountered and the need to determine something of the history of the offending item demands modifications to this process. The categorisation may be made on instinct or experience, and appropriate confirmatory tests will be applied in the light of the initial categorisation. Cardinal rules are proposed: firstly , the receipt of the items should be well documented; and secondly, the initial observations should be as non-destructive as possible. The stereo microscope is the major in strument used to reveal clues as to origin of foreign substances. Other microscopy and analytical techniques are used to supplement the stereo microscope. The paper includes suggested categories for foreign materials; lists of possible origins of forei,gn contamination; examples of specific recurrent foreign materials associated with foods and a bibliography of helpful sources of information.

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